Proud family man and first time IRONMAN fisher Steve "Bombs" Fregosi


Steve Fregosi and daughter Kirra post 2019 Ironman Canada


Steve Fregosi soaking up the Canadian sun and mountain air on his 26.2 journey to the finish line of 2019 IM Canada


Congratulations to Nancy Lavery on her first ever 26.2 at the 2019 CHICAGO MARATHON!!!!!


Nancy Lavery persevering through it all, CHICAGO MARATHON 2019


2020 Athlete in training Robby Powers, welcome to the ENDURANCE MOB!


Sean O'Donnell reaping the rewards of hard work, dropping almost a hour of his IRONMAN time at 2019 IM Mont Tremblant


Marty Nix all smiles as he heads for the finish line at the 2019 MTK Olympic Distance Triathlon


Pad heading out for a grueling half marathon at the 2019 MTK 70.3


Officer Pad Primrose taking on his first 70.3 at the 2019 MTK Half Ironman


Sean O'Donell coming off a strong bike at 2019 MTK 70.3


Marty Nix gear up for a hilly ride at the 2019 MTK Olympic Distance Triathlon


Sean O'Donnell crushing another 1.2 mile OWS at the 2019 MTK 70.3


2019 TOBAY Tri Mobsters


Congrats to Thomas Burgie on taking second place in his age group at the 2019 TOBAY triathlon


Congrats to Marty Nix on taking second place in his age group at the 2019 TOBAY triathlon


Team Hammond, Doug and Tricia tackling the THREE PEAKS CHALLENGE in Europe summer 2019


Dr. OD all smiles leaving T2 at the 2019 Mont Tremblant Half Ironman


Sean O'Donnell getting some well deserved revenge on the 2019 Mont Tremblant 70.3 course!


Dr. OD back in the office for a day of work at 2019 Mont. Tremblant 70.3


2019 NJ State Tri aka hell!!! Air was 110 degrees, Water was 92 degrees...


Jeff Gottlieb getting fired up for the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Thanks ROKA for being a sponsor for the ENDURANCE MOB!


Pre-Race jitters at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Mobsters always willing to help one another!


Cold swim at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Jeff Gottlieb letting the pythons loose at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Billy Fernandez all smiles coming off a 1 mile swim at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Pam Papaleo finishing up the 1 mile swim at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Windy day on the bike at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Marco Papaleo crushing the bike leg of the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Coach Mims trying to gut it out the last mile of the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Marco Papaleo blew it out the last few hundred meters of the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Jeff Gottlieb sights the finishing line at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Billy Fernandez all smiles coming for a strong finish at the 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Alyssa Fernandez and her Lil Mobster


Coach Brendan Mims 1st Place Age Group Finisher 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Marco Papaleo 2nd Place Age Group Finisher 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon


Pam Papaleo 2nd Place Age Group Finisher 2019 RJA Mighty MTK Triathlon

Marty Nix grabbing second place in his division at the Mighty North Fork Triathlon 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to Marty Nix starting the season off strong with a second place finish!

Team Nix pre Mighty Fork Fork Triathlon 2019

Minnesota's finest Steve and Jackie Fregosi cracking the Olympic Distance Triathlon scene in prep for the BIG day come July!

Kenny Owens starting the 2019 season off early at the Mini Mighty Man Pool Triathlon at NCAC

Coach Brendo suffering in the Florida heat during the Great Clermont Triathlon 2019

Big ups to all the great businesses that sponsor the MOB!


East Setauket MTB adventure with Sean O'Donnell


Endurance Mob and Ohana Endurance group run at Arbor Street!

Tom Burgie killing the run course with 3:35 marathon, which was the 11th fastest run split in his age group!

A cold and wet 112 miles in Louisville for Tommy B

Thomas Burgie exiting the Ohio River during 2018 Louisville IRONMAN


Labor weekend swim at Lloyd's Neck Bath Club with the ENDURANCE MOB and OHANA ENDURANCE TEAM


Nancy Lavery finishing up strong at the 2018 TOBAY Triathlon


Marian Sandberg finishing another IRONMAN, this time in Kalmar, Sweden


Marian always pushes through the pain on the bike course


Marian Sandberg finishing up 2.4 swim leg at 2018 IRONMAN Kalmar


Danielle Gogerty coming out of the water hot at 70.3 Maine!


Thanks for joining us at the 2018 Niantic Triathlon Jill Loveland, shout out to the Long Island Tri Coach Team!!


Lil sand ain't nothin for Nancy!!!


Kenny crossing the finish line as a Mobster for the first time!!


New comer Kenny Owens coming in off a strong bike leg in Connecticut!!


Nancy Lavery setting a PR on the swim course (even with a double calf cramp)


No Pre Race jitters for these Mobsters, they are ready to sprint it out at the 2018 Niantic Triathlon!!


Dr. O'Donnell smashed the swim course at the 2018 Lake Placid IRONMAN!!!


The Weinblatt's are an IRON couple! They say... a couple that races together, stays together!!!!!


TEM's Cindy Weinblatt showing the crowd some love before she crosses the line of another 70.3!!


Harry Weinblatt always smilies as he finishes up a great race in Canada!


Marco Papaleo crushing the Tremblant course in preparation for the full IRONMAN in August!


I kicked the sign oops!


Moments before 70.3 Mont Tremblant gun sounded.


Harry and Craig embrace after the arm wrestling completion (Harry won).


Newest member of TEM IRONMAN champion Craig Alexander


Mob Mother out for a run while repping the black and green up in Mont Tremblant!

Eagleman 70.3

Tom finishing strong on his tune up race for IRONMAN Louisville in October 2018

Eagleman 70.3

Tom holding another impressive 13.1 split on a hot Maryland day!

Eagleman 70.3

Tom Burgie crushing the bike course down in Maryland!

First Triathlon of 2018 goes to Billy Fernandez. Congrats on a great race down south at St. Anthony's Triathlon


Billy Fernandez finishing his 10k strong!!

Fresh New Wattie Ink Gear for 2018

Big thanks to our sponsors!!!!!!

New SWEATSHIRTS are in folks!

2018 Battenkillers

The boys are ready to ride a dirty 75 miler!!!

70.3 Austin, 38 degrees in October, brrrrrrr

A BIIIIIIIG Congratulations to Marco Papaleo on achieving Silver AWA status for the 2017 season!!!!!!

A BIIIIIIIG Congratulations to Harry Weinblatt on achieving Silver AWA status for the 2017 season!!!!!!


A BIIIIIIIG Congratulations to Thomas Burgie on achieving Bronze AWA status for the 2017 season!!!!!!

A BIIIIIIIG Congratulations to Danielle Gogerty on achieving Bronze AWA status for the 2017 season!!!!!!

Danielle Gogerty smashing the Atlantic City 70.3 run course this September!!!!

Dr. Papaleo qualified for 2017 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, congrats!!!!!!

The finish line is in sight for a great end to an amazing season for Dr. Papaleo!!!!

All smiles down south at 2017 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

It was a hot sunny 13.1 in Chattanooga this September for Marco Papaelo!

Marco Papelo blazing out of the swim and sparing no extra time in T1

Dr. Papleo getting ready in his ROKA wetsuit for the 1.2 mile swim at the 2017 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS

Marco Papaleo has the credentials to be at the 2017 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS

Harry Weinblatt kicking it into gear as he finishes the stretch around Mirror Lake at the 2017 Lake Placid 70.3

Thank the ones that make it all possible, 2017 Lake Placid 70.3

Brendan O'Donnell has got this!!!! Crossing the line at his first 70.3 ever!!!!

Thomas Burgie looking strong on a tough Lake Placid 70.3 run course!!!

Thomas Burgie coming in strong off the bike at the 2017 Lake Placid 70.3

The finish line is close Pat, go get em!!!!

Marty Nix took home 10th place in his respective age group!!!

Danielle staying jacked up in warm conditions during the 1/2 marathon!

Only 13.1 to go Marty!

Danielle Gogerty finishing up a great bike split in Atlantic City

Marty Nix all smiles even after his Garmin decided not to work on the 56 miler!!!

Patrick Kellachan coming in hot off the 56 mile AC trek!

Danielle Gogerty also PRing the swim at Atlantic City 70.3 (hence the excitment)

Marty Nix PRing the swim at Atlantic City 70.3

The Endurance Mob and The NYPD Triathlon Team

Marty Nix getting mentally prepped for 70.3 Atlantic City!

Max Osborne back in the Open Water after major back surgery only 6 weeks ago!!!! 2018 Kalamar Ironman Campaign

1st place in the 45-49 age group for the TEM's Marco Papaleo, congratulations!!!!!

3rd Place Overall Male Finisher for the ENDURANCE MOB

Coach Brendan, Marty Nix, Patrick Kellachan and Thomas Burgie all completed the Tobay Triathlon with Personal Records this year!!!!

Nancy Lavery, Marco Papaleo, Marty Nix and Coach Brendan all smiles after the 2017 Tobay Triathlon!!!

Team Jurman- Marc and David enjoying some post race refreshments after a great race at the 2017 Tobay Triathlon1

TEM has the rowdiest fans!!!

Coach Brendan taking home 3rd Place overall Male finisher at the Tobay Triathlon for the Endurance Mob!

My Triathlon inspiration, Tom "The Bromeister" Nordland twenty years down the road. Thanks for everything buddy!!!!!

The Endurance Mob's 70.3 World Championship Qualifier and most remote athlete (Guam) Jayme Bograd taking home 3rd overall female at the IronGirl Sprint in Maryland

Marco Papaleo, Pam Papaleo, Marty Nix, Coach Brendan, Thomas Burgie and Patrick Kellachan putting in some early "HOT" morning work on the Tobay Triathlon Course a week before race day!

Nancy Lavery on an early morning OWS training session for the 2017 TOBAY Triathlon

Post-race Oreo Party on the ferry back to reality

Congratulations to everyone and a special congrats to Nancy Lavery for completing her fist triathlon!!!!!!!

The Endurance Mob's photographer and lead cheerleader

Nancy Lavery finishing up the 5k on the sand at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Marian Sandberg finishing up the 5k on the sand at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Marty Nix finishing up the 5k on the sand at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Kristy Nix finishing up the 5k on the sand at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Nancy Lavery starting up her 3.1 mile journey at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Mike Nix starting up his 3.1 mile journey at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Marian Sandberg starting up her 3.1 mile journey at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Marty Nix starting up his 3.1 mile journey at the Niantic Bay Triathlon

Pre Niantic Bay Triathlon swim course recon with the Mobbettes

Peter Steckle still all smiles on the Lake Placid run course!!!

Stomach issues and all.... he beasted through the tough 26.4 mile course that Ironman Lake Placid serves up

Peter Steckle all smiles coming into T2 at Ironman Lake Placid

OD eluding confidence with a 1:05 swim for 2.4 miles!!!!

OD dropping off the new rig before the big race!!!!

Pre Lake Placid Ironman bike course recon (picture credit to Pete Steckle)

2nd in her Age Group for Danielle Gogerty at the 2017 NYC Triathlon, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

When you conserve energy in the swim it sets you up for a stellar bike and run. Danielle seen here crushing the run course through Central Park!!!

The swim sessions have really paid off for Danielle Gogerty, looks like she just started the race and the .9 swim course was a breeze!

Thomas Burgie crossing the finish line in Central Park at the NYC Triathlon

Dr. Brancato getting prepped to

Dr. Brancato getting prepped to swim .9 miles in the Hudson River for the 2017 NYC Triathlon

Thanks again for the amazing hospitality Nix Family, you guys are the best!!!!

Oak Beach Group OWS

Private .4 mile OWS swim course, who is better than us?

2:24 Bike Split at 70.3 Muncie, thank you squats and lunges!

Nuff said!!!!!!!!

"The Original Coach"

My mentor and inspiration for being a coach and starting The Endurance Mob

Lloyd Harbor OWS with the Mob

Marty Nix, Kristy Nix, Marian Sandberg, Louise Senato, Danielle Gogerty, Sean O'Donnell, Marco Papaleo and Paul Dengel (what an epic group of people!)

Sean O'Donnell killing the run course up at Lake Placid Camp 2017

TEM lighting off Fireworks on the CSH 6 mile TT course, July 4th 2017

Earlybird Tobay Group OWS

Jen Goldner, Cindy Weinblatt, Harry Weinblatt, Marty Nix, Mike Nix, Brendan Mims and Marian Sandberg (couldn't ask for a better group of athletes!)

Jason Brancato giving his all at 2017 Firecracker 5K

Frank DeMayo last OWS before Mt. Tremblant 70

Blazin hot (95) at the 2017 Wisconsin 70.3

Jackie Fregosi represent the Midwest sector of TEM during here first 70

From 2012-2017, we came a long way boys!!!!!

85 degrees of midwest love at the 7am start

Fresh to Death!!!!!

My dawgs reppin the mob

The Endurance Mob Technical Truckers by Boco Gear

Long Ride with the North Shore Mobsters!!!!!!

Dr. Brancato running his way to a PR at the Brooklyn 13.1

Battenkilling it 2017!!!!!

Chattanooga Bound...

Hard work getting rewarded for Marco Papaleo, good luck at the IRONMAN 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS this September

Marco Papaleo finishing up his second 70.3 in a two week period!!!!

Real feel temps hovering around 100 up at Syracuse 70.3

Marco finishing up a brutal bike course at Syracuse 70.3

Dr. Papaleo making quick work of the swim in his ROKA wetsuit

Raleigh Ironman 70.3

Tom Burgie running his way to another 70.3 finish in some blistering North Carolina heat!!!!


Harry picking up some metal at Escape the Cape for taking 6th place in his age group!!!!!!

Team Weinblatt

Post Race Celebration

Team Weinblatt

Team Weinblatt representing The Endurance Mob down in south Jersey for the Escape the Cape Olympic Triathlon 2017


Mobsters getting ready to push off the lower level of the George Washington Bridge in the 2017 GFNY World Championships


At mile 60 Harry was knocked to the ground by a fellow GFNYer, a few scrapes didn't stop Harry from riding another 40 miles to the finishline!!!

Greenbelt 2017

Coach Mims running his way to 3rd place overall

Greenbelt 2017

Sean O'Donnell running his way to 7th place overall

Bear Mountain Boys

Mobsters after two climbs of Bear Mountain, all smiles...

The Endurance Mob

Looks sunny here, but this 70 miler started out in pouring rain!!!!

"Guam" Jayme

The Endurance Mob's most remote athlete

The MIMS Family

Always great to have your family's support raceday!!!

2017 Haines City 70.3

Repping the new gear hard for the first time in sunny (and hot) Florida!!!!!

2017 Cops Who Care Warrior Ride

Preliminary Jakroo team jersey edit

Harry and Brendo

GFNY Group ride on a 60 degree day in February with a new bike... YIPES!!!!

Mob Group Run 2/7/17 at Bethpage State Park
Lil snow doesn't stop the mob...
CSH Trail Run with the Nix boys!
Kristy Nix at Studio
1st Mob Group Run

Lake Placid

Harry Weinblatt putting in some winter lifting in the Dojo, in prep for the upcoming 2017 season

Go Marian, Team Sandberg 2016 Ironman Louisville

Marian Sandberg about the start her day with a brisk 2.4 mile swim with 3,000 of her best friends at the 2016 Louisville Ironman

Marian getting aero on the 112 mile bike course at the 2016 Louisville Ironman

2.4 swim..check, 112 bike...check, 26.2 run...check, Congrats Marian!!!!

Day before the BIG day for Matt Lipsky, down at 2016 Chattanooga Ironman

Matt Lipsky about the crushing the 2.4 mile swim in 1:15 at 2016 Chattanooga Ironman

Matt Lipsky marches to the swim start at 2016 Chattanooga Ironman

2016 Lake Placid Ironman swim start

Emma's... Lake Placid nutritional must

Kristy Nix finishing her 1st triathlon with a very strong sprint. (Tobay Triathlon 2016)

Mike Nix taking out the run leg of his 1st triathlon with a solid pace. (Tobay Triathlon 2016)

Katie McGrath killing the run leg of the 2016 TOBAY triathlon

Team TOBAY LIFEGUARDS Relay earning first place at the 2016 TOBAY Triathlon

Marian Sandberg's finisher metal from the blazing hot 2015 Puerto Rico 70.3

Phil Hunt doing some Swift training in the Dojo for his first Triathlon

Max Osborne prepping his transition bags at the 2014 Cozumel Ironman

Max Osborne enjoying his last few minutes before 2014 Cozumel Ironman begins

Train like an Ironperson... Eat like an Ironperson

Martin Nix getting low in the Dojo,

Marian Sandberg pre 70.3

2015 Princeton Ironman finishline

Earn your metal and eat AN Oreo (just one, riiiiight) at 2014 Princeton Half Ironman


Coach Brendan and Max Osborne hitting the trail for some 2016 Winter Training

Max Osborne free climbing the Grand Canyon in prep for the upcoming triathlon season

It's a lifestyle...

Harry Weinblatt, Marty Nix, and Coach Brendan post 2016 NYC Grandfondo World Championships

Cliff Gotlieeb taking in the view off the George Washington Bridge at the 2016 NYC Grandfondo World Championships

My summer life...

2015 Battenkill flex warm-up (best way to prep for a grueling 56 mile road bike that is mostly in the dirt)

Paul Dengel looking strong on the run course at the 2015 Lake Placid Ironman

Paul "The Viking" Dengel finishing up his second showing at the 2016 Lake Placid Ironman

VT Grandfondo fun

2016 VT Grandfondo start line, hardest bike race ever!!

Peter Schmitt and Coach Brendan enjoying the calm before the 2016 VT Grandfondo storm

Marty Nix stripping down during a blustery (40 degrees) 2015 MightyMan Half Ironman

Marty Nix on the second lap of his first 70.3 at the 2015 MightyMan Montauk Half Ironman

Max crushing the run at the 2015 MightyMan Montauk Olympic Triathlo

Phil Hunt blowing away the competition during the 100 Butterfly at the 2016 Lindenhust vs Sachem meet

2014 Ironman Boulder transition area

8 mile journey up Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid

Max Osborne's destiny the 2013 Kalmar Sweden Ironman finish line

Max Osborne getting after it on the 2.4 mile swim leg of the 2013 Kalmar Ironman

Max Osborne finishing up the first lap of the 2013 Kalmar Ironman run course

Max Osborne finishing up his first 140.6 at the 2013 Kalmar Ironman

Max Osborne finishing up his first 140.6 at the 2013 Kalmar Ironman

Max Osborne's earnings (besides pride) from 2013 Kalmar Ironman

Crushing Sugarloaf Mountain in 2015 down in sunny Florida

Jason Brancato on an OWS break in Shoreham, NY

Marian Sandberg and Max Osborne finishing first 70.3 ever at 2012 New Orleans 70.3

Success... Marian Sandberg finishings her first ever 70.3 at 2012 New Orleans Half Ironman