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FTP TEST-1:30     $100

FTP represents the power (measured in watts) that you could theoretically maintain for about an hour, and it's the single metric we use to scale each of your workouts in our shared quest to keep your fitness growing. An FTP Test is a snapshot of your fitness at any point in time. By measuring your fitness and assigning it a number, we can track changes in your fitness over weeks, months, even years.


Lactate Threshold is commonly known as the exercise intensity or blood lactate concentration that one can sustain at high intensity effort for a specific period of time. Testing allows us to figure out how long you can sustain a given exercise intensity before you crack down.

SWEAT RATE TEST-1:30      $100

Testing your sweat rate is extremely important as an Endurance athlete. By determining your sweat rate, you can account for lost fluids and perform your workouts and races at your highest level.


After discussing personal goals (both long and short term) you will be guided through a safe and effective workout while being provided encouragement and support.